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Water bath canner

Water bath canner

A water bath canner is a vessel especially designed for canning foods in boiling water. It’s large enough to hold several jars, it has a tightly fitted lid and a removable rack inside, which is there to separate the jars.

A water bath canner is a piece of cookware that belongs in every kitchen. You don’t actually need to have a water bath canner in order to do some water bath canning: a large pot that can accommodate several jars can be enough. However, using a water bath canner makes the whole process easier, especially if you’re not an experienced canner, and your preserves will actually taste better.

Canning is a very good method for storing and preserving many different types of food. There are actually several ways to can foods and each has advantages and disadvantages. Water bath canning is the right method for preserving high acid foods like fruits and pickles, since the bacteria and organisms that they might contain are killed at boiling temperature. For low acid foods like vegetables, fish and meat you should use pressure canning, since during this process all types of bacteria are killed and your food becomes safe.

pressure canner
Pressure canner supplies can include, along with a water bath canner, canning jars, jar lifters, canning funnels, recipe books etc. All American and Presto are two of the leading manufacturer of water bath canners and of similar devices and utensils. You could get your canning supplies at Kmart or Walmart or you could try specialised stores like Ace Hardware. All American canner and Presto canner is considered the best pressure canner today, you could buy an All American canner, a Presto canner or any type of canner you might find useful, including an electric water bath canner.

If you don’t have any of the necessary canning utensils, it’s probably a good idea to buy a canning kit. A Ball Home canning kit will make canning quite easy for anyone. It includes everything you need, from a water bath canner to canning jars with lids, a jar lifter, a rack, a canning funnel and even an instruction book.

Whether you’re an experienced canner or you’re only a beginner in the art of canning, the Ball Home canning kit will provide you with everything you need to make some delicious preservers quickly and with little effort.

Canning your own food is a great alternative to buying preserves at the supermarket. Homemade preserves are usually healthier than the ones you can buy in stores and you can also try your own recipes and put in all your favourite ingredients. So, if you want to make some preserves, go to Kmart, Walmart, Ace Hardware or the store of your choice and buy a water bath canner.